Fraser Anti-Static
Fraser Anti-Static
Fraser Anti-Static

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques equipment is specified by manufacturing companies and OEMs in every industry where static is a problem: plastics, packaging, converting, paper, pharmaceutical, food, medical, textiles, electronics - in fact wherever non-conductive materials are processed.




Short Range Static Elimination
Eliminating static electricity at distances of 25 mm to 150 mm from the product and at speeds up to 1500 m/minute.


Longer Range Static Elimination
Neutralising static charges at distances from 150 mm to over 1 m, with or without air assistance. Fraser has the most comprehensive selection of long range static eliminators available.

Static Neutralisation and Cleaning
Static and contamination are closely connected. Fraser has developed a range of Ionised Air Guns, Airknives and Nozzles to neutralise the static charge and remove statically attracted dust and other contaminants.


EX and ATEX Static Elimination
The special requirements of hazardous areas are addressed with our ATEX and IECEx certified static neutralisation and measurement products.

Static Generators
Using static generation for temporary adhesion is a growth area in industry. It is a clean, safe, fast and reliable process.

Passive Static Eliminators
Fraser was the first company to commercialise anti-static brushes in industrial applications. Since then we
have concentrated on higher technology products, but passive equipment still has a role to play in many applications and is still manufactured by Fraser.


Scientific investigation of static problems is difficult and frustrating without a method of measurement. The Fraser 715 Static Meter is used throughout the industrial world. The EX715 Static Meter has a unique ATEX and IECEx certification for investigating hazardous areas.


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Model 101 - Any length up to 4m.


Model 101 - has robust 2mm extruded body.
Mounting holes may be drilled in the “h” single wall.
Mounting studs M4 x 10mm, 10mm from each end and in centre for lengths over 1m.



Carbon Fibre 6/7μ diameter.
60,000 filaments per cm.