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Junction Box & Panel Accessories
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When installed in the top of an enclosure, these fittings act as breathers which allows air flow through the enclosure. Bottom installations permit water from condensation to drain from the enclosure continuously.
The drains and breathers are offered in a variety of hub sizes, 1/4, 3/8 & 1/2 inch NPT and metric M16 & M20.


When installed in the bottom of a thin wall enclosure the KDE allows water from condensation to drain continuously out of the enclosure. The drain breathers are installed through clearance holes and held secured
with a internal locknut. The silicone external o ring makes a hose down tight seal.


Silicone o-ring supplied as standard and suitable for use in a -55°C to +80°C temperature range.
Internal 316 stainless steel locknut supplied as standard. When tighten to the proper torque the joint makes a hose
down tight seal for type 4, 4X & IP66 application.